Hiding your head in the sand doesn't work

Do you bank online? Do you use Facebook? Well yet another trojan has been discovered and it's important to note that 'discovered' does not necessarily mean that you computer is now protected against it. When something new is discovered many times there is still some action required on the users part. What I mean by this is YOU still have to DO something.This new one is a banking trojan and the details are more alarming than the last banking trojan to come out. Even if your Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and the like are up to date it is still hard to discover. Read more details here. If I sound like I'm trying to scare you I'm not. I'm just being a realist. If there are more car break-ins at a particular shopping center you may avoid it in the future, but if that shopping center has the only branch of a store you really need to visit -then you prepare yourself with information and take precautions that make you safer.

That's all I'm suggesting... there are two ends of the spectrum, some call one end the Paranoid and the other end the Ignorant, but no matter how you label it somewhere in the middle is practical. Read this article and apply the principals and  you can have a rational approach to creating your own daily routine that will not only be reasonable but also efficient!