Latest facebook email threat

A new SPAM email is making it's way to everyone's inboxes. It is faked so that it appears to be a normal facebook notification email. One easy way to tell is if you receive it to an email account that facebook doesn't know about. Also, only giving facebook one of your email addresses is a great idea if only for this reason.

Here is a screenshot:

Here are a few more clues:

1) It's from - not

2) If you hold your mouse over either of the long links at the bottom the real link will show up. It show's it will go to which is a really bad site.

3) Normally a facebook email will show a preview of the message. This one does not show you anything in an attempt to get you to click the link.

So, what should you do? I'm glad you asked. As with all emails that have imbedded links, NEVER CLICK THEM. You should open a new web browser and type in the URL yourself. Then in this case you would see that you don;t have this message waiting for you on facebook.

Happy & safe web surfing!