WSJ says it's a "Long Wait for RSA Security Tokens"

In an article by The Wall Street Journal, Computer security firm RSA Chairman Arthur W. Coviello Jr. said the company offered to provide security monitoring or replace the SecurID tokens "for virtually every customer we have." Most Customers and the press thought that meant RSA would replace all of the physical tokens for free. Well, it looks like they are only offering that to 30% of their customers. You're not impressing anyone with this position RSA.

I recommended on the day the news of the hack broke that all my customers switch immediately. Most did. I can give you a friends name at VeriSign if anyone's interested.

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Sheesh, how much longer must we endure this?

Microsoft has found yet another large batch of security holes.
Twenty-two to be exact. This is completely seperate from the major problems that Service Pack 2 was supposed to fix. I say supposed to fix because PC manufacturers are recommending that users skip it and most I.T. departments are blocking it from being downloaded. Why? Because as of now the list of major software applications that SP2 breaks is up to 44. The vendor with the most applications broken? Why, Microsoft of course. Symantec is number 2, IBM by the way is a much larger company than Microsoft and they are tied for 6th place.

By the way... I didn't even count the number of games that SP2 breaks ;-)
Microsoft Support article listing affected programs.