Carnegie Mellon University Researchers Work on Web Security and Access

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) is funding studies at more than 30 institutions across the United States in an effort to make Web surfing safer. For example, Carnegie Mellon University researchers, in collaboration with researchers at Boston University and the University of Wisconsin, are building an Internet framework to accommodate yet-to-be developed technologies. Meanwhile, a University of California, Los Angeles team is focusing on securing data no matter where it exists, instead of securing host computers. Rutgers University researchers are examining improving the security and reliability of information produced by mobile devices, instead of desktop computers. And University of Pennsylvania scientists are analyzing ways to increase the speed, availability, and security of cloud computing. "We hope to have a collaboration among the project researchers," says NSF's Darleen Fisher. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (PA) (09/13/10) Cronin, Mike

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