Beware of fake Microsoft Security Essentials

There is a new fake Microsoft Security Essentials doing the rounds! This Microsoft Security Essentials Alert is basically a Trojan which tries to trick you into buying one of the 5 rogue anti-virus programs that it is pushing. When the fake alert pops-up, it says that a malware has detected on your computer. It will list this Trojan as Unknown Win32/Trojan and will then prompt you to clean your computer using any one of the 35 listed anti-virus programs, 30 of which are legitimate anti-virus programs and the 5 following rogues that the Trojan is distributing:

Red Cross Antivirus Peak Protection 2010 Pest Detector 4.1 Major Defense Kit AntiSpySafeguard or AntiSpy Safeguard

During this fake online scan only the 5 fake anti-virus programs listed above will state that this supposed Trojan is an infection. It does this to scare you into clicking the "Free Install" button next to them that will install the rogue program onto your computer and then reboot your computer.

Detailed instructions for Removing the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert Trojan and AntiSpySafeguard are Here